Confidence and Communication on Stage

Zach Lange, Upper School Music Director & Middle School Teacher

It takes some brass to get up on stage and sing into a microphone, or play an instrument that is new for you. The goal of an ensemble is communicating without words, and to be prepared in a way that you can support your team beyond just serving your role. The Middle School slayed in the concert on the 23rd, and it was because they had the confidence of each other.

Many students were playing instruments that were new to them, and each group performed a song that they had written this semester, so that was new to everyone. Earlier in the spring we set out to learn one song of their choosing and write one of our own. We learned about how melody relates to harmony, and that good ideas can be borrowed and arranged. Chord progressions can not be copywritten, so that provided a foundation from which we could build. I was really impressed with the lyrics and ideas these students had!

It was a joy to watch the camaraderie of each group. It allowed students that don’t always elect to work together to bond. As we prepared for the concert, our rehearsals were professional and efficient. There was good criticism, some frustration, and lots of support. It’s intimidating to get on the microphone and sing, let alone original lyrics, and these Middle Schoolers buoyed each other to make for an excellent performance.

*Photos by Sparhawk Parent, Keith Baldwin