Being in Middle School on May Day

Zach Lange & Diane Hichborn

Being in Middle School on May Day

by Zach Lange & Diane Hichborn

The May Day tradition showcases the sense of family and community that Sparhawk has. We talk about the strength of our community a lot, as well we should, but it’s the willingness to contribute, not as a chore, but with eagerness and enthusiasm that promotes that development. What better defines a middle schooler than eagerness and enthusiasm?

The Middle Schoolers are at an age where the get to straddle both worlds. For the Lower School students, they are the big kids celebrating a homecoming to the farm campus. For the High School students, Middle Schooler remind them to show excitement for learning on their sleeves, and to stay young. It’s that balance of growth and enthusiasm that makes a middle schooler special, and it translates to our community on a day like May Day.

We were busy planning our booths before May Day, and the students had great ideas, formed groups, delegated tasks, and communicated in a supportive way to make the day-of easy. They are learning through experience that being properly prepared allows you to “let go” in the moment and just enjoy. The students have to multitask in their groups to run their booths, explore other booths, but also get on the prep line and help serve food to our community. They did it all with eagerness and enthusiasm.

May Day is an important fundraiser for the middle school. The funds allow us to keep our students hands-on: We visit Lowell’s boat shop regularly, and they keep a boat log, and get hands on training with simple tools and the relationship between engineering and nature; we have our big annual camping trip coming up (for which they’ll be doing the meal planning and budgeting); we have skills and enrichments periods that include sewing, architecture, design, etc. Thanks to the Sparhawk community for helping foster the growth of our students!