Self Evident: Asian America's Stories podcast

Self Evident: Asian America's Stories podcast
Jennifer Silver

There are over 22 million Asian Americans in the U.S., whose voices are needed to explore these vital questions of our time. Self Evident is where we tell Asian America’s stories to explore what it really means to claim America today. Each episode presents an in-depth story or conversation from specific communities within the Asian diasporas in America. We bring Asian American voices into the national conversation like they’ve never been heard before — across generation, across cultures, and across class.

By and about Asian Americans

While Asian Americans are not a monolith, mainstream media doesn’t always reflect that. There’s a multitude of identities and experiences that fall under the term “Asian American,” and we aim to reflect those varied experiences, including those of South Asian, South East Asian, East Asian, and multi-ethnic communities. We strive to do this not only through storytelling work, but also in how we work with journalists, producers, listeners, and community leaders.

While we also intend to present stories from Pacific Islander and indigenous communities, we acknowledge that these stories are immensely diverse in their own right, and recognize that we cannot sweep those experiences into the name of our program without first doing further work on stories specifically centering them alongside Asian American and intersecting narratives. So if you’re a Pacific Islander listener or journalist, we look forward to collaborating to present your story.1

1- all text from the Self Evident Website.