Snow-Day Policy Update

Kaitlyn MacDonald

Dear Sparhawk Community,

Though we are currently remote, I have snow on my mind with the coming storm this week, as well as snow closures and delays. Given that we started this morning with nearly having a delay due to the Google outage (2020 is wild), I wanted to address changes to our Snow Day Policy for when we return to in-person learning. Typically, we follow the Amesbury Schools decision-making when there is a weather delay or cancellation. However, the pandemic has made every school, sometimes even within the same district, make individualized decisions for their school community. 

We all recognize our community's growing fluency in remote learning. As such, Sparhawk will allow for only two "snow days". Beyond that, snow days will be scheduled as remote days. Parents will be texted and emailed once the decision is made that morning, or ideally the night before. We will be sure to distinguish between a snow day and a remote day. Please note that, while we are scheduled to be remote, there will be no snow days unless there are widespread power outages. 

So to recap:

  • Once we return to learning together on campus, we will end a reminder regarding this policy change.
  • The first two snow cancellations will result in a classic Snow Day. 
  • Once we have had two snow days during on-campus learning, all further snow or weather related cancellations will result in remote learning.
  • Please note that weather delays or early dismissals will proceed as they always have.
  • If there is a two-hour delay, students will be begin their days two hours after the typical start of school.
  • If there is an early dismissal, classes for the day will end once students have been picked up. 

Wishing you all well. Stay warm and safe as our first Nor'Easter comes to town!

Take Care,