Middle school Beginning Remote Learning November 23

Yvonne Domings

Dear Grade 5-7 Parents,
It has been such a powerful experience to learn with your children in-person these past six weeks. Never before have any of us faced so many challenges at once, and to have faced them together as a community, to have had the opportunity to work with your children directly as they grow through this experience, has been a privilege. Until this week, our Middle School has had nearly 100% in-person daily attendance. We are grateful for your trust and support.

As you may know, today our High School transitioned to remote learning. WIth so many students choosing to be remote given the surging community spread of Covid-19, we chose to streamline our efforts towards 100% a few days earlier than we had scheduled. 

We are now seeing the trend in middle school towards students choosing to learn remotely this week, and even more planning to do so for the two days prior to Thanksgiving break. Some families may need to quarantine prior to the holiday and some families are getting increasingly concerned with the community spread of Covid-19. We understand both of these challenges. The holiday season this year, and winter in general, may be a trying and difficult time. Please know that our guidance department is ready to help your children through these moments.

Given the current state of things, the Middle School team feels that using Monday and Tuesday of next week as remote days will provide the necessary peace of mind for our staff and our students to have a stronger transition into the remote learning period. This will allow all of our students to be remote rather than hybrid, and ideally will allow for greater organization and ease with academic instruction.  The Upper School (both high school and middle school) will not be holding a professional development day on November 30th, so please note that there will be a full day of remote instruction on that Monday after Thanksgiving. 

We recognize that for some families, these additional two remote days may be a burden and for that we apologize. Every decision we have made throughout Covid-19 has been to prioritize health and to ensure that we are meeting the academic and socio-emotional needs of our students. With smaller numbers of students on-campus and rising numbers of Covid-19 cases throughout the surrounding community, we feel we are making the most informed decision possible for this moment. 

We value teaching our students in-person and look forward to returning to campus safe and well in the new year. We will be prepping your children for this transition the rest of this week. Thank you for the support you have shown and please know how much we appreciate your families. We hope everyone has a safe and peaceful holiday season.

Our remote learning schedule will be posted on your child's online schedule. If they have made a copy or printed it, please have them go back to the schedule that is posted on google docs as we have updated them. You can find the Middle School general daily schedule on our website under 2020 Plan.

We hope you and your family will have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Warm regards,

Yvonne Domings & Kaitlyn MacDonald