COVID and School

Jennifer Silver

Dear Parents and Students,

As the next surge of Covid-19 outbreaks is upon us, I want to reach out to you in an effort to keep our community safe.

First, a big thank you to parents and students who are consistently filling out the daily health form. This is so helpful to make the morning run smoothly. We appreciated how easily everyone transitioned to this new routine. With the sun shining this week, our outdoor classrooms are in full use and our students are doing such a heroic job of keeping masks on, washing hands (prompted and unprompted), and doing their best to maintain distance, which is arguably the hardest to do when amongst so many friends. Yet, they are persevering and open to our redirection when given. Thank you so much for this, students!

We wish everyone well who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and those whose loved ones have been affected. Given the rapid Covid-19 spread in our area, I wanted to remind everyone of our reporting requirements.

  • If any one in your household is diagnosed with Covid-19 or has been exposed to Covid-19, contact Yvonne or me immediately so that we can support you on next steps for your child's school experience, as well as properly contact trace within our community.
  • If you suspect your child or anyone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms, please do not bring your child to school. Please let Yvonne or me know.
  • If we have a Covid-19 case on campus, the school will immediately go remote as we contact trace and sanitize the campus.
  • If it is determined that there was widespread interaction between the student and others (especially teachers that teach across the grades), we will all stay remote prior to our planned remote time after Thanksgiving.
  • If it is determined through contact tracing that there was minimal exposure, only those who were exposed will remain remote prior to our planned remote time after Thanksgiving. 
  • Community members diagnosed with Covid or with a suspected case of Covid, may only return to campus with evidence of a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of their return, and are symptom free.

At this point, we have had students on the Lower Campus since September 14 and students on the Upper Campus since October 13. We want to remain on campus until Thanksgiving break. You can help us do that by keeping us informed of your personal exposure to Covid-19, wearing masks, limiting your gatherings with others, keeping social distance, and washing hands frequently.

As I write this from my outdoor office tent, I see our seventh graders playing between classes. Hearing their laughter and seeing all the students grow as a community is a joy and one we want to keep investing in on campus for as long as we can. We thank you for your help and your continued support. 

Take Care,