Nine Winter Break Resources for Vacation During a Pandemic

Kaitlyn MacDonald

Winter is here and so, too, is Sparhawk’s two week break. While this is a wonderful opportunity for family time and a chance to step away from the computer screens, there has been much written about how this winter will be a challenge. From a socially distant holiday season to smaller Covid bubbles to so many activities no longer considered safe, finding ways to support and engage our children can be both a challenge and an opportunity. 

Now is a great time to think back on what brought us joy when we were kids. Was there a local sledding hill you loved? Did your family have any winter traditions you can share? Are there recipes you loved to bake or cook? Are there things you always wanted to do or learn that you can now explore with your kids? From the simple backyard snowman to the more intricate building of new skills this winter, what will inspire you and your children? 

Here are some resources for in-person and virtual experiences that might be helpful!

And from me, something a bit more personal. My grandparents were a large part of my upbringing and I spent all of my holidays with them. My grandmother was the kind of baker who rarely used a recipe. Our family’s breads and cookies and their recipes have been passed down for generations, through practice and oral history. It was a very Celtic upbringing and as we baked together, her lessons for me were sprinkled with both English and Scot’s Gaelic. To this day, when I hear the word bread, there is always an echo of aran. I remember standing on a stool in her kitchen, a kettle always starting to boil in the background, her hands knowing exactly how long to knead dough, no timer necessary. My favorite thing to bake with my Nana was a traditional Bannock, a type of quick bread. I now know why she always cooked it with me given how easy it is for a child to master. Here are two recipes for Bannock that are close to my family’s recipe. Let me know if you make it! I love to serve it with butter and jam or marmalade, (extra points if you serve it up with some haggis).

How are you and your family spending winter break? Share your favorite holiday recipes and new found vacation activities with us on facebook.