Annual Fund FAQ

Who gives to Sparhawk School?

Anyone can give to the Sparhawk Annual Fund. Past donors include, parents & grandparents, alumni, friends, staff and current students. Donors have also chosen to give in honor or memory of a particular person.

Why can't Sparhawk School increase tuition to cover the cost of these initiatives?

Truth be told, Sparhawk School strives to keep tuition rates in check on an annual basis, covering its innovative programs, operating costs, salaries and scholarships. To support unique capital improvements, further enable teachers’ impact and support a strong family-community connection, Sparhawk relies on philanthropic support.

How much am I expected to give?

There is no expectation of giving, rather an acknowledgement of your generosity. Families that chose to give to the Annual Fund, contribute with a one time gift, monthly or annually.

If I can only give a small gift, does it really make an impact?

Sparhawk is a small school, by design, with a big heart. All donations, regardless of size benefit the school greatly. Sparhawk PTO will invest your donation wisely to create the largest impact.

Will I receive a tax benefit from my donation?

Sparhawk School PTO is a non-profit organization. Please contact your financial professional for guidance on your philanthropic generosity.

Where does my donation go?

Your are donating directly to the Sparhawk School PTO. The PTO evaluates core needs of Sparhawk School every year, and fundraises to fulfill theses needs.