To be mindful is to pay attention to your experience in a nonjudgmental way that allows you to respond rather than to react.Through a series of simple exercises, students who regularly practice mindfulness should see:
  1. Increased ability to maintain attention
  2. Improved emotional self-regulation
  3. A better sense of attuning to self and others. Most important, mindfulness helps us build and sustain a kind and safe environment where students feel comfortable learning.

Elementary School

Sparhawk Elementary School’s mindfulness curriculum includes a moment of mindfulness each morning and a closing moment each day. In addition, we continue our practice through guided meditation in our outdoor classroom and during community meetings.

Middle School

Sparhawk Middle School’s mindfulness curriculum includes two 10-minute sessions each week over the course of eight weeks. After this initial introduction, we will continue to follow up with lessons and provide opportunities to practice mindfulness throughout the year.


What is Mindfulness?

The Art of Listening

Mindfulness and the Brain

Why Don't We Teach Mindfulness?

Just Breathe