Sparhawk middle school student standing at a white board completing a lesson

Our students learn through speaking and listening and then through reading and writing. They develop ever-higher levels of ease and fluency as they organically develop an understanding of the way culture shapes language and language shapes culture. The result is not rote memorization, but an exciting and natural way to learn culture and geography while learning a new language.

Sparhawk world language courses immerses students in a culturally thematic context. For example, students exploring French may follow the route of the Tour de France while they learn about the culture and geography of the various stops along the way. They cook and sample food, listen to music and hold their own Tour de France at the end.

Our students begin their Mandarin Chinese study in PreK. In Middle School however, your child can choose from two world language options:

  1. Beginning (or continuing) their Mandarin Chinese study
  2. Exploring and learning French & Spanish, preparing them to focus on one language in 8th grade.