At Sparhawk the arts are an integral part of our curriculum. At the middle school level, our students have the ability to choose from a variety of arts electives and enrichments. Each trimester the students choose two electives that delve into a particular thematic topic or focus on specific mediums, tools, or styles from the art, music and theater offerings. These class choices are often thematic and created based on the interests of the current student body. Our students meet in these art classes four times a week Monday-Thursday.

We believe that experiences in the arts are essential and that they are a value for one's entire lifetime. The abstract, symbolic nature of the arts is a valid and powerful means of searching for and sharing fundamental questions and truths about the human experience.

Participation in the arts inspires creativity, fosters the development of problem-solving, critical-thinking, and literacy skills, and builds self esteem and character. Students build confidence as they work diligently, over time, to create a performance event that merits an audience. These experiences and the insight, confidence, and will-to-effort that result, transfer to endeavors in other arenas as well, in the present and across time.

We host several arts events throughout the year, bringing our community together to celebrate the accomplishments of our students. These include our fall play and arts nights, winter and spring concerts, spring art show, community soup & cider event and our full-production musical.

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