Students in a socratic circle outside in the grass.As a progressive school, we encourage our students to actively seek experiences that help them learn, not only about academics, but also about themselves, their peers and their values. We believe your child has a unique voice, and we encourage them to use it and to be an active participant in learning.

As a result, the Socratic Seminar is a valued academic method practiced at Sparhawk. In Socratic Seminars, the authority lies with the group itself and not primarily with the teacher. Rather than being passive consumers of information who are forced to incorporate the ideas of an authority, students learn to think critically, to construct their own understanding and to trust in their own intellect in developing opinions and understandings.

Socratic Seminar is a forum for your child to develop the habit of thinking carefully and deeply about a specific text or issue by actively listening, discovering meaning, and establishing common ground with fellow learners. The result is a culture of inquiry where your child will develop their own thoughts and ideas and feel safe expressing them in a group of peers.