Sparhawk middle school students at Joppa Flats center exploring ocean creatures.

We value both formal and informal learning experiences. Our QUEST (Question, Understand, Educate, Support, Try) program integrates free exploration with adult support. QUEST is a hands-on, student-driven outdoor exploration course designed to promote leadership, develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills, and empower your child to engage with the natural world creatively and on their own terms.

QUEST encourages our students to imagine and implement tasks that emphasize teamwork, environmental stewardship, problem-solving and emotional intelligence. Examples of activities that students engage in are building structures out of recycled materials, clearing trails, constructing bridges or low ropes courses, cooking over campfires, or designing and creating community landscapes. Your child will experience the natural world as an active participant, and to think of the outdoors as a classroom, where it is safe to be creative, to take risks, and to learn new skills.


Our students dig, push their human boundaries, and grow at Sparhawk every day. They learn not only to advocate for themselves, but for others as well. In addition, your child will develop team-building skills off campus at several outdoor education facilities around New England. These facilities include The Browne Center, The Sargent Center & Joppa Flats Education Center.