Sparhawk students are scientists, explorers, artists and leaders that crave and are encouraged to be active participants in their own learning. Your child will explore the world and become passionate about issues both in and outside the classroom. Our students develop a profound generosity of spirit and respect for the culture of kindness we build together at school.

Children of middle school age, are developing their own unique voice. We encourage our students to use their voices and, as a result, they become strong self-advocates. Although your child will enter middle school as a child, they will exit as an emerging young adult. At Sparhawk Middle School, your child will be prepared and motivated to take on successively higher levels of thinking and to harness a singularly unique potential.

Students standing at a white board during a lesson
Students using a computer to illustrate a story cover.
five students creating a ramp
students making clay vessels
enrichments: students wearing harnesses in a ropes course
humanities: student reciting speech
humanities: student reciting speech
World language: students working on map skills
outdoor education: students clearing brush by the river
 dozens of students sitting in a socratic circle outside at Sparhawk School