Middle School students sitting down during an english lesson.

Sparhawk student standing with his Sparhawk T-Shirt on after 5th grade graduation.

We encourage our students to question and interpret their ever-expanding stores of knowledge. They hone and refine their abstract thinking skills in all of their classes by applying their learning to real world challenges. Students learn to pursue thought-provoking problems with increasing autonomy, and to work in successful collaboration with others.

In addition to academics, we actively address social and emotional growth through the embedded mindfulness, outdoor education and socio-emotional learning components of our program. A great deal of time is spent investigating the substance of inner self, and learning to reflect upon and define ethical identity. Our dedicated Middle School counselor works with students to develop “emotional wellness” strategies that help them mature into emotionally strong adolescents. Our attention to the whole child is one of the reasons why our middle school students are successful at Sparhawk, college and all future endeavors in life.