Carriagetown Robotics is a collaborative team of students from Sparhawk and Amesbury High Schools. Our FIRST Robotics team is housed at Sparhawk Upper School, and the team meets after school in our Innovation lab. The FIRST Robotics Competition is a team challenge where students design, build and program a robot to play a floor game against other teams. The parameters of the competition dictate limited resources, strict rules and the assistance of volunteer mentors. Students have just six weeks to build the robot, raise funds, design a team “brand” and hone their teamwork skills before competing against a field of other students. Learn more about FIRST Robotics.

2022 Season:

"The Carriagetown coaching team has had several rounds of discussion and contemplation around what to do this season...

Given all that we see with the increases with variants, our multi-school team, uncertainty with FIRST Robotics Competition, and most of all, safety of students/coaches. With the current increase in COVID cases,  we are going to wait until next year to kick-off the Post-COVID team.  It is difficult to do this, but we feel it best for many reasons.

We appreciate the support Sparhawk has given as we worked through this. As we navigate this pandemic, we hope to keep in touch with our Sparhawk team to work towards our next year goal."

- Respectfully, Carriagetown Robotics Team

"As someone who has been around the FIRST community for a while now, let me take this opportunity to say how impressed I was with not just your performance at RR21, but how your team members interacted with other teams at the event."