We have created an after school learning environment that is flexible enough to accommodate the diverse ways your child learns.

The goal of the Sparhawk Homework and Study Center is to provide:

  1. Homework Support: to provide homework help in the way of individualized, targeted support for your child to organize and complete homework and long term projects;
  2. Learning Strategies: to develop deliberate approaches to learning and to become active directors of their own success.

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Learning Strategies

Research over the past 15-20 years suggests that learning varies widely among individuals, and it varies widely by the environment in which an individual learners. Studies suggest that your child will learn best in an environment where their own efforts, needs and opinions are acknowledged and honored and where they are allowed to become active agents in their own success.

Your child will work with center staff to develop a repertoire of individual strategies and tools that leverage their strengths and target their needs in different subject areas and in different learning environments. They will be directed to test out and determine which strategies and tools work best for them and progressively take more responsibility for choosing these tools over time. Since individual learning varies widely depending on the context, we believe that developing this self knowledge is crucial to your child's success over the long term.

Center Staffing

The Sparhawk Homework and Learning Center will be staffed by Sparhawk School faculty who have experience working with students to develop academic and organizational strategies and tools to become more successful learners. In addition, members of the National Honor Society and students who have earned Academic Distinction (GPA of 3.7 or higher) at Sparhawk School may also be available for targeted help in subject areas. If your child needs more targeted assistance in a subject area, the Sparhawk Homework and Study Center will attempt to provide recommendations for adult tutors.