Students throwing up their hats at graduation from Sparhawk School.

Senior year can be both exhilarating and stressful, as you step up to the highest point of your 12+ years of school and scan the landscape of the past and of the future. This is why we work to support you and make senior year special by providing team building events that are “senior specific,” as well as whole-school events that offer opportunities for the class to be leaders within our community.

We encourage you to “live in the moment” and stay focused, but also to consider what will come next. We believe it is an important time to reflect on what you have learned about yourself and to consolidate that knowledge to make choices for your future at college and beyond.

Senior Camping Trip

At the beginning of each school year, the Sparhawk senior class gathers to go on a senior camping trip. This trip is similar in nature to the orientation camping trip that all Upper School students take, but takes place at a different location and with a different aim: to build a cohesive senior class, chart out senior year and begin taking your place as peer leaders of the school.

Senior Legacy Project

As a graduating senior, you have contributed to several project-based learning (PBL) teams. You have learned to creatively problem solve, collaborate and communicate effectively. You are now ready to develop a project or projects that will represent the unique nature of your class as a whole. The graduating class will work together on Friday afternoons with two course advisor(s) to brainstorm, develop, propose and complete a project or projects that will improve the community and leave a lasting legacy of your class. The aim of the project is to provide you as seniors with real world experience and opportunities to bond, collaborate on a real-world project that inspires you as a class, propose it to a real audience and see the product(s) through to completion.

Senior Celebration

In May of senior year, teachers, seniors and their families gather to share a meal, celebrate and show appreciation to the senior class. A slideshow of individual and collective moments, informal speeches and expressions of gratitude mark this event.

Graduation by Exhibition

As a graduating senior, you will reflect upon your time at Sparhawk by developing a graduation portfolio (binder or digital) of your work. You build this portfolio by saving representative work with your advisor over your entire time at Sparhawk. This process helps you to appreciate the challenges that have been met, and to carefully choose the work that can showcase growth over your time. All graduating seniors demonstrate their understanding and achievements through an adjudicated exhibition presented before a graduation panel during May of senior year.

Senior Trip (optional)

Senior trip is scheduled on two weekdays after finals are completed. Seniors take this last opportunity to spend time with their graduating class before graduation.