Sparhawk world language courses immerse students in a culturally thematic context. You will develop ever-higher levels of ease and fluency as you develop an understanding of the way culture shapes language and language shapes culture. There are vast and rapidly expanding opportunities for you if you develop communication skills and cross-cultural understanding. World language study at Sparhawk High School cultivates both:

  1. Communication skills: Sparhawk school offers two world language choices: Spanish and French. In these classes, you learn grammar and syntax, and practice listening, speaking, reading and writing. You also learn about the various cultures of countries where the language you are learning is the primary language.
  2. Cross-cultural understanding: At Sparhawk, our students also live their world language study outside of the classroom in multiple significant ways:
  • Winterim master classes: In these courses, you are able to take a deep dive in various languages and cultures. You can learn more about the current Winterim master classes here.
  • Diverse student population: the presence of students who are native speakers of other languages at Sparhawk lends inspiration and practical opportunities for collaboration for all of our students. Grading and Credit Requirements