Graduation Concentrations

Sparhawk High School offers students who have an interest and drive in a specific academic area the opportunity to focus and concentrate their elective energy in the focus area.

Concentrations are student-driven programs that require the student to pursue additional breadth and depth of knowledge within a concentrated area of focus. If successfully completed, the concentration will appear on the student’s academic transcript and diploma. 


  • Opportunity to dig deeper into a field of study
  • Concentrations push students to go above and beyond the general requirements for graduation by focusing in one area
  • Transcript demonstrates the student’s ability to commit to, focus and learn deeply in one area
  • Opportunity to develop specialized skills and learn outside the classroom in a focus area
  • Opportunities to discover whether to pursue a higher level of education or work in a field 
  • Students apply to participate in an academic concentrations in the spring of their first year at Sparhawk NOTE: A student who is admitted to Sparhawk after their freshman year may apply to transfer courses, internships, and community service from another school in order to meet Sparhawk’s requirements; final approval for transfer credits must be obtained by the Upper School Director.


Mikaela is just realizing she has a strong fascination in the sciences. She never disliked science class, but once she joined her science teacher at a whale necropsy on a beach near school, she found it fascinating. Her own burning questions proved an opportunity to experiment and dig deeper. Since then Mikaela has loved spending time at a pond in her neighborhood and in her mom's workshop where she observes the world, testing her hypotheses and collecting data. She has decided to major in science in college and pursue a science career. She feels graduating with a concentration in science will allow her to do both while pursuing her own burning questions during high school. 



Ben will tell you that he didn't find art; art found him. He has no recollection of a time when he didn't spend a lot of time drawing, painting--creating. When high school came, he knew that he could apply to graduate with a concentration in art at Sparhawk and so he set off in his freshman year so that he is eligible to continue to pursue his personal passion for art and to not only continue to create, but to make sure he had the grades to qualify to apply for an art concentration. At the end of freshman year, he is working with his art teacher to develop a plan for his coursework, internship and independent studies. For his culminating final product, he hopes to get permission to develop a street-art style mural in his town with support from the town's Arts Council.