Reading and writing are foundational literacies. Technology puts additional demands on the range of skills a literate person needs to have in order to be successful. Students develop 21st century literacies across the curriculum that include the following:

  • Use technology fluently and proficiently
  • Communicate and collaborate cross-culturally
  • Solve complex problems within a diverse group
  • Manage, analyze, and evaluate information from multiple sources
  • Logically form, support and debate an opinion
  • Think deeply and react thoughtfully
  • Communicate concisely and accurately
  • Understand and empathize with others

In the Humanities, students develop these literacies by reading works in many different genres (historical fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.) and discussing them in class. Courses are designed to be thought-provoking and align with semester themes. You will develop the ability to respond to and communicate effectively both in writing and speaking using a variety of media & mediums.

In Personal Development courses (Freshman & Sophomore Seminar) students analyze current events and dilemmas and share insights through writing and debate. Through this experience, and over time, you will become a more thoughtful, fluent and proficient communicator.

In Math courses, you will practice these skills by using technology to analyze problems, errors and solutions and argue for the use of a particular mathematical strategy.

In Science courses, you learn how to formulate hypothesis and think flexibly about how to design experiments that help to answer complex questions. You learn to record your observations, identify bias and use data to interpret results.