Sparhawk Upper School is not just a school—it's an experience. At Sparhawk, we know learning doesn’t happen just sitting in a chair; it happens by exploring, experimenting, discussing and reflecting both in and outside a classroom. You will choose from classes that motivate you, stimulate your curiosity and challenge you to dig deeper. You will have thought-provoking debates and experiences that inspire you. You will push your own boundaries and help your peers to push theirs.

At Sparhawk, you will earn freedom with responsibility as you begin to take on higher levels of thinking that will prepare you for life. Throughout high school, you will build critical and creative thinking skills and the ability to apply these skills to make choices for your future. Our small class sizes enable us to build strong community and encourage collaboration, while respecting and encouraging you to be you!

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 Students standing next to each other doing a group activity.
 Students using charcoal and pastel to create a skull drawing.
 A student testing a circuit board during robotics.
 Sparhawk seniors in their purple robes at graduation.
 Students playing the game Risk during a humanities lesson about Genghis Khan.
Students measuring wood and using power tools to create a boat.
 Student gathering water from the river for science class.
Student making fire using primitive techniques.
Students on a dune buggy in Peru.
Student standing with a Peruvian woman and child.