Our comprehensive, formal, trimester assessment process considers the growth of the whole child, far beyond just their basic academic benchmarks. You can find more information about each aspect of this process by clicking on the tabs below.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, is the ready accessibility of faculty and administration on a daily basis. Communication with your child's teachers is frequent, whether it be at drop-off and pick-up, via email or scheduled meeting. Successes and achievements are celebrated daily within our community. Challenges and questions are addressed as they arise, with the support of our staff and faculty. We are a team, parents and staff together, united in the mission of helping your child to be a strong student, good human being, compassionate community member, and a responsible global citizen.

Trimester Review of Achievement

The Trimester Review of Achievement is a detailed and very specific inventory of important academic skill sets. Parents receive this series of checklists and commentaries on their students’ progress three times per year. This Review tells you very specifically what your child's foundational skills are, item by item, at that specific moment in time. For example, a kindergartener either knows all of the alphabet letters; knows some of the letters, or is beginning to learn their alphabet letters. Any of those can be developmentally normal in kindergarten. Some skills repeat on the next grade-level inventory.

Such design-overlap derives from a philosophy that values developmental differences and all normal timetables for success. In other words, it is not expected that a student will achieve "proficiency" in every task by the end of a school year. The Trimester Review of Achievement is not a report card; the indicators have no relationship whatsoever to traditional letter-grading (which gives parents very little useful information).

The results are a snapshot of a moment in a journey. It shows your child's growth continuum from things they do not know yet to what they are proficient at. It indicates what is to be learned next, and progress will be reported on the next Review. Insight and celebration comes from comparing the previous checklists and the current one, and through the evidence provided in Portfolio Review and the teacher's narrative account. As developmentalists, blessed with bright and eager students, we are looking for growth, these tools document it.


The Portfolio is a window into your child’s learning experience, a manifestation of skills and a visual record of their journey through each grade level. While the checklist serves as a formal assessment tool, the Portfolio is the proof in the pudding so to speak.

Twice yearly in January and June, you will have the pleasure of reviewing your child’s portfolio with them. During a scheduled portfolio conference, your child will reveal progress through review of a curated collection of work samples, pictures and reflections. While the checklist is a tool written for adults to make sense of the learning process, the portfolio speaks the language of the children.

Each portfolio possesses the unique stamp of the child whose work is documented. As your child journeys through the grades, these treasured documents become historical artifacts of their childhood and learning, recording the passage of time and place, as a journal or photo album would.


In June, your child’s homeroom teacher will compose a personalized passage summarizing your child’s yearlong experience of social, emotional and academic growth. This writing is a heartfelt commentary, indicating a deep understanding of your child as an individual.

Parent Conferences

There are two scheduled parent conferences during the school year where you meet one-on-one with your child's teacher. During this time, teachers convey student goals and expectations, discuss progress and engage in more in depth conversation with parents regarding the overall well-being of each student. If there are questions, concerns or praise at any other time, we are happy to schedule a personal conference with your child's teacher or school Director.