Sparhawk student in a science lesson with ice cubes.  On the table are arctic animal sculptures.

Science classes at Sparhawk Elementary School are designed to enthrall and inspire students with the wonders of the natural world. Students are naturally inclined toward questioning and discovery. Driven by curiosity, our young adventurers find "hands-on" and "minds-on" scientific investigations irresistible.

Students learn scientific facts, vocabulary, tools, and processes that are used by professional scientists in their continual quests for information and understanding. Science is a grand adventure because it is a discipline that uses what we know so far, to investigate what we do not know yet - a natural for young minds because everything can–and should—be questioned. When taught joyously, your child can learn that it is a domain for explorers and its frontier is endless in scope and time. Our goal is to initiate students into what is possible in this fascinating field of study.