Sparhawk elementary student writing and illustrating a story.

Sparhawk School’s academically and artistically-rich approach to reading, literary analysis, critical thinking, writing, speaking and listening is the keystone to our interdisciplinary humanities curriculum. Language skills are the primary means whereby students gain access to the world’s great stores of knowledge.

Skills learned in language arts transfer to every domain of the students’ lives and stay with them forever. As  your child's language arts skills improve, confidence grows, and they begin to apply the writing process effectively in their other classes. They express their knowledge concisely and accurately in science, synthesize information and form their own opinions based on research in history, express sensory, emotional and metaphysical experiences in poetry, and articulate proofs, principles, and conceptual understanding in math.

Your child's love of reading will be fostered at all grade levels through both guided and independent reading. Our setting and approach offers a supportive environment for students with a wide range of proficiencies. We encourage our students to follow their individual literary interests to ignite their excitement about reading.