Studetns riding bikes on a bridge during an enrichment.

Enrichments are six-week-long courses that provide learning experiences outside the regular curriculum. The rich menu of choices allows students to sample from a variety of topics, skills, and experiences they might not otherwise discover. Teachers create courses that engage visual, spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal, interpersonal, musical, logical/mathematical, linguistic, and naturalistic intelligences.


Once awakened, a new area of interest creates a “pocket of awareness” that alerts one to new information as it comes along later. And because students build many pockets of awareness through Enrichments, when new information comes, it is “sticky”, it adheres and builds on the framework that is in place.

For some of our graduates, enrichment courses they took at Sparhawk created enduring fascinations that are now avocations and for some, even vocations. Imagine the tapestry of lifetime learning as an ongoing work of art - of continuous creation. At Sparhawk, not only do we help students richly invest in their tapestry, adding color, texture, detail, in their very individual ways, we help them enlarge the very canvas on which they work. Enrichments are one way to do that.


Enrichment Class Examples

  • Silent movie making
  • Roal Dahl recipes and cooking class
  • Baseball & batting practice
  • ARTkidtecture
  • Image-making & writing
  • Gardening & nature hikes
  • Mad science lab
  • Yoga + Tai Chi