Design Thinking

Sparhawk elementary students completing a STEM project.Design thinking integrates STEM subjects + the art of design in education. These programs aim to teach students to think critically and have an engineering or design approach towards real-world problems while building on their mathematics and science base.

The principles of design thinking are integrated into the overarching Sparhawk curriculum. The Sparhawk Lower Campus is equipped with a Makerspace, which is utilized by the teachers and students during regular class time as well as after school and during enrichments. This space is a hands-on place of discovery for learners to collaborate, share ideas and build interests.

Examples of current curriculum include:

  • Capturing movement by creating stop motion videos and sets
  • Exploring the concepts of momentum by creating working roller coasters
  • Designing and building a sustainable ecosystem & functional garden
  • Creating works of art that exhibit moving parts
  • Literary Cottage: Designing an addition to an existing structure on campus to create a usable, student created space for learning.