Respect for children and trust in their inherent enthusiasm for learning are the values that shape our educational processes and objectives. Our purpose is to promote a foundation of academic strength, cultivate independent thinking, protect children's natural joy and ease in learning, and to preserve their sense of creativity, curiosity, and self-esteem. Children flourish in Sparhawk's resource-rich and emotionally supportive environment.

    Sparhawk Elementary School offers a progressive and experiential approach to education, as such, collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, critical thinking and problem-solving, are the core tenets of the Sparhawk approach. Your child will learn in a "hands & minds-on"environment through authentic  experiences. We are dedicated to maintaining the small class sizes that ensure the continued quality of curriculum that each student receives. With an average 9:1 student to teacher ratio, each child benefits from the individualized attention these ratios afford.