Early Elementary at Sparhawk

    The early childhood program at Sparhawk is built upon respect for your child and our belief in their inherent wisdom, curiosity and desire to learn. At a young age, children seek to understand, create and connect with others and with the world around them. At Sparhawk, we encourage this innate motivation to explore and learn by encouraging your child's questions and ideas.

    Growing Small Humans One Authentic Experience at a Time

    Our Early Elementary program is housed in our Woodsview building on our gorgeous 11 acre campus. Sparhawk has been designed with an abundance of dynamic environments and inviting materials that allow children to engage all of their senses. Your child will learn experientially through authentic real-life experiences. Our program is nature-based and play-focused, growing life-long confident learners.


    The year from three to four is one of tremendous growth and change, as children embark on the transition from toddlerhood to early childhood. With their expanding language abilities, they are brimming with questions and insatiable curiosity and engage in more complex play and social relationships. This rich play of three year olds is recognized as children’s “work” and is respected as a medium through which children learn.

    While the development of pre-academic abilities and skills is a component of the program, emphasis is given to the development of habits: work habits (responsibility, organization, tenacity, striving to do your best) and habits of being a good human (conflict resolution strategies, manners, caring for our environment). Another emphasis is the development of a social consciousness, with many aspects of the curriculum contributing to the creation of a kind community. Students begin to ingrain a sense of self in relation to others and the world through activities like community time, reading buddies, community service & mindfulness.


    Our environment buzzes with focused engagement as children discuss, create and learn together. Our kindergarteners begin to use their awareness of the world and expanded language abilities to have meaningful conversations and create increasingly complex representations of their ideas. Their growing attention span and ability to collaborate can lead to exciting investigations and projects that can extend over a period of time. Our students develop a deep understanding of themselves and others, which allows them to explore essential aspects of identity, character, friendships and citizenship.

    Our students are given the freedom to make many of their own choices and learn, early on, that with freedom comes responsibility. We encourage thoughtful, intentional risks and expect children to behave responsibly toward others and their environment.

    Begin Your Journey

    We absolutely love everything about Sparhawk from the creativity, school environment, kindness, and the most importantly ... the education! Each teacher is invested and fully supports the mission. Our children are thriving here and we could not be happier.

    Melissa Hall, Parent

    My son went from merely existing in his previous school to actively participating in a thinking, expressive culture. I am so proud as i watch the transformation of my son.

    Gail Hedberg, Parent

    What can I say? A school after my own heart! Where children laugh, learn, and play! Where children learn about community, world citizenship, and the art of being human!

    Anya Arsevan, parent

    Awesome learning environment for my 5th grader! He went from a large school with some bullying issues to this small, loving community where learning is much more of an exploration and experience than fitting round pegs into round holes and checking off basic rote milestones of the industrial/educational model. He went from saying he hated school to saying he likes school. That's huge!

    -Sam Kimball, parent

    Regarding the difference between test-driven schools and Sparhawk:

    If a test is the only thing you have to do, you don't need a teacher, you just need a book.

    ~ Junxi (Jimmy) WEI, Student

    I cant thank everyone enough for what they have done for me and taught me. I've learned a lot about respect, hard work, acceptance, and to never judge a book by its cover. Sounds cheesy but honestly I have taken that lesson away from this experience. The teachers here are AMAZING and they go above and beyond every day to help us. The students have all become like a family and every single person has something special about them that I have learned to appreciate. They are SO kind and they never hesitate to give back and help other people.

    -Emily Smith, student

    Today was my last day at Sparhawk High School. I could honestly go on and on about this school for hours, but I'll try to keep it short. This community has done so much for me, and everyone there. I started at Sparhawk in 8th grade, and since then have made countless memories and friends. I have met some of the most kind, welcoming, intelligent, thoughtful, talented, loving, accepting, honest, creative, BEAUTIFUL people here and I am so glad to have had them in my life.

    -Emily Smith, student

    Here’s what I love about Sparhawk.  You embrace the impossible, the unexpected, the imperfect.  You have the heart, the vision and the courage to put on a large cast musical when the student population isn’t much bigger than the cast size.  You give every kid who wants a chance to experience drama and music the opportunity.  Not just the kids with perfect pitch or perfect diction, not just the physically beautiful or physically fit, not just the kids who easily memorize lines or have natural grace.  Instead of seeing the same faces over and over, I see new faces all the time.

    - Deidre Girard, Parent of two graduates 

    I have two at Sparhawk, 4th and 6th grade.  I moved here for the school (from Melrose), and it's the best decision I have ever made. I can't say enough great things. It's a special community, a magical place to learn. The art program is stellar, the music program-Amazing, Mandarin-Awesome! The teachers are fantastic, every single one of them. In addition to the kids making some incredible friendships, I have found wonderful new friends with other Sparhawk parents.

    DeeDee Kearney, Parent

    My son went to Middle School and High School at Sparhawk. It was the best decision our family ever made. He got a stellar education , developed real leadership skills, and made so many friends who will be friends for life. 

    Bonnie Brady, Parent

    My daughter loves Sparhawk School, so I never have to worry about her missing school for any other reason than honestly needing to take time off.  Thank you to you and all of Sparhawk for creating an environment that is so desirable.

    -Kitten Panthera, Parent

    I'm so happy you all help him keep the connection by being so welcoming. Sparhawk will always be a part of him we were fortunate that he was able to learn from all of you. My son is doing very well and I seriously think it has so much to do with how he was taught at Sparhawk. Keep up the good work it means more than you think.

    -Pam Koen, Parent


    I think the teacher did a great job on enlightening the class on the subject rather than guide the class to a absolute answer. And that is the goal of the class, In my perspective what education should do is always enlighten people, ask questions and to make people think. 


    It is an environment that is truly focused on the individual child ,where a global respect and commitment to community is emphasized.

    - Deidre Girard. Parent