College Counseling

  • 100% College Acceptance Rate
  • 96% Of Students for the past three years have been accepted into one of their top three colleges of choice
  • 36+ Hours spent on the college guidance process for each student during their junior and senior years


Like all other aspects of Sparhawk, this mission guides our College Counseling Program. We respect you and the strengths you bring to the college search and application process. We know that you have a unique story to tell and we strive to help you find and share your voice when you begin writing your college essay.

From the moment you start at Sparhawk, your teachers and advisor work as a team with the College Counselor to help you choose an appropriately challenging class schedule and to advise you about extracurricular activities, all of which play an integral part in the college admission process.

You will be enrolled in our extensive and highly personalized College Readiness Course in your junior and senior year. The college search process is one that is ripe with opportunity for self-discovery and growth. We encourage you to identify your strengths and interests and to develop skills of self-advocacy and independence. This program helps you uncover the best possible match between your personal and academic goals and the vast number of opportunities in higher education.



The following list shows the colleges to which our graduates have matriculated from the past five graduating classes (2017 – 2021)