ADHD Support

At Sparhawk School, we believe that all students succeed when their individual learning needs are met. Whether a student has a formal diagnosis of ADHD or not, we believe that practices which support the whole student, support every learner. While Sparhawk is not a special education environment, through project-based, experiential learning opportunities, students with attentional challenges often thrive here. We encourage all students to understand themselves as learners as they develop the skills and acquire the tools to navigate every part of their educational experience.

All students at our Lower Campus receive the following:

  • Individualized attention and instruction
  • Small class sizes
  • Brain and movement breaks
  • Emphasis on Backwards Design and breaking assignments into smaller chunks
  • Scaffolding and structure for long-term assignments
  • Emphasis on quality and in-depth understanding over quantity of output
  • Intentional classroom design to limit distractions
  • Teachers trained in school-based mindfulness
  • Direct instruction in time management skills and study skills
  • Encouraging student voice in the classroom and program
  • Building social skills through play-based experiences and organized lunchtime social groups

All Students at our Upper Campus receive the following: