The Sparhawk Student


Students who do well at Sparhawk School are a neurodiverse group, most of whom can be described by one or more of the statements below. 

Sparhawk School Could Be An Excellent Fit If Your Child . . . 

  • has a keen interest in learning in their own way or on their own terms
  • excels when given choices on how to demonstrate what they have learned
  • wants to develop their own voice
  • is cognitively average to cognitively talented. 
  • want to be respected for their unique opinions and choices
  • is ready for a change or wants to expand their social or academic community
  • is very involved in non-academic area of interest (talented skier, athlete, equestrian, artist, etc.) and needs time to pursue those interests while still progressing academically
  • learns well when discussing or actively manipulating ideas, things and information with peers and adults
  • needs to regain enthusiasm or joy for learning (e.g. due to trauma, boredom, anxiety, depression)
  • needs help organizing, setting and working towards goals
  • wants and need to improve their learning dispositions and habits
  • needs/wants to be challenged (have potential that is not being harnessed currently)
  • wants their unique abilities and talents to be recognized, honored, appreciated 
  • is more successful when situations or expectations are clear
  • marches to the beat of their own drum
  • feels misunderstood by adults or peers
  • is an outside-of-the-box learner
  • needs to work on social pragmatics
  • needs to develop skills and habits to avoid distraction or inattention
  • has had a negative educational experience elsewhere
  • needs to overcome test anxiety, school phobia, low self esteem
  • has been told they do not work to their potential
  • is inappropriately labeled as not following directions or not listening, lazy, disorganized or unmotivated
  • has lost belief in themselves as learners
Elementary School

You are raising a dreamer, builder, future visionary & leader.  Our experiential model of teaching empowers children to dream big, question & create.  Sparhawk students become good global citizens, one authentic experience at a time.  

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Middle School

Sparhawk students become scientists, explorers, artists and leaders. Your child will explore the world and become passionate about issues both in and outside the classroom. Sparhawk students are empowered to dream big, building and creating in our academically and artistically rich environment.  

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High School

Sparhawk students are academics, artists, engineers and scientists who are empowered to become visionaries and leaders.  Our curriculum & experiential Project Based Learning program,  are designed to teach you the necessary skills to tackle 21st century challenges.  

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