LGBTQ+ Safe School

Sparhawk School is committed to cultivating an environment that accepts and honors diversity in all of its forms. We believe that diversity is a strength that opens our minds and expands our view of the world.

At Sparhawk, we pride ourselves on building a community where you feel safe to be you. Similarly, Sparhawk is an LGBTQ+ safe school for students and their families. Our teachers, administrators and the students themselves work hard to create a bias-free and inclusive environment for all students.

Here are some ways that we continue to build a tolerant community at Sparhawk.

  • Education- Our students and teachers are trained and educated by leading rights organizations such as PFlag Boston on a full range of current gender topics.
  • Inclusive Leaders- Inclusion is a learned behavior and therefore we hold our teachers and administrators accountable for creating a safe and inclusive environment in the school.
  • Clothing and Dress Codes- Clothing is a form of non-verbal communication, and therefore we do not have uniforms. Our students are allowed to express themselves through clothing in the same way that they do words. There are some base rules that apply to all students. Prom is no exception, be you!
  • Gender-neutral Restroom- Gender (how a person feels) and biological sex (the physical makeup of a person’s anatomy) are two different things, and they are not always aligned. Binary (women/men or boy/girl) restrooms aren’t inclusive for transgender and intersex students. Both types of bathrooms exist at our campuses, allowing students to use the restroom where they feel most comfortable.
  • Support- We have guidance counselors on hand to help students navigate the world in which they live. Similarly, students who have questions regarding the diverse population of students at our school are encouraged to ask those questions in a safe environment.


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