Community Service

We are preparing students to enter the world as creative and critical thinkers who will thrive in academic, professional, and personal spheres. We are educating people who are able to advocate for themselves and others. To nurture only the intellect of a child is disservice. That is why, at Sparhawk, sustaining a culture of kindness is of essential value to us all.

We have an extensive community life and are commited to a wide variety of community experiences for our students, and it does not end at the boundaries of our campus. During our Community Service Week, Winterim, afterschool clubs, and student-run organizations, students have been involved in bettering our local and global community and themselves.

A Sparhawk student understands that an important part of their education is learning to be a good citizen of the world.

Elementary & Middle School Community Service

Student pulling lobster traps.

We will help your child continue to develop empathy and respect for others through the culture of kindness we cultivate at school. A large part of our curriculum is instilling compassion and self-respect. Our students become better humans through community engagement.

Your child will be actively involved in finding ways to better both the community and the world. Our students do this throughout the year by planning and lending a hand in the Sparhawk and the local community. Opportunities in the past have included

in the past have included decorating & filling snack bags, spearheading a food or clothing drive, raking a local cemetery, cooking soup for a homeless shelter or helping at a community function.


High School Community Service

An important part of the Sparhawk experience is becoming a person who contributes to the community both locally and globally. We call it service learning because it is an important part of the Sparhawk learning experience as it exposes you to new ways of viewing the world. It also provides you with real-world experience. You will from a wide variety of ways to better the Sparhawk, local, national and/or global community.

Service Learning Graduation Requirements

On-campus community service (informally referred to as Credo hours)

As a Sparhawk student, you are required to participate in 5 hours of on-campus community service per year that you are enrolled at Sparhawk High School. Examples of Credo hours can include things such as selling tickets or running lights and sound at a drama production, helping set up or clean up at a community event, reading to students at the Lower School or doing tours at admissions open houses.

Off Campus Community Service


As a freshmen, you are required to complete 15 hours of Community Service. You are encouraged to do a minimum of 3 at one location. During this exploration, you will decide what kind of service engages and inspires you and how you will contribute in your sophomore and junior year.

Sophomores and Juniors

Between the end of freshman year and September 1st of senior year, you will complete at least 30 hours of community service for one organization or project. You will also complete a short reflection on your service.


It is hoped that through school-wide programs, coupled with the service requirements in your first three years, you begin to understand more clearly your role as a member of a community. While there are no required hours to complete, you are encouraged to continue to explore opportunities to contribute to your communities.