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Principal or Guidance Counselor Reference for Sparhawk School

This student is applying for admission to the Upper School at Sparhawk.  We appreciate your candor in answering our questions about the candidate.  School recommendations as well as an interview and visits to Sparhawk weigh more significantly in our decisions than do standardized test scores or transcripts.  Your responses are very important to us.  

All information that you provide will be held in confidence and will only be disclosed to members of the Sparhawk School admissions committee or other staff members the headmaster deems necessary to the process.  Call us at 978.388.5354 if there are issues regarding this student that you would prefer to discuss personally.

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If you like you may write additional information about this young person's character, motivation, and special interestsor talents.  Specifically we are looking for a statement about this person's uniqueness and why you feel they would be a good candidate for Sparhawk School.
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