The ART+NATURE Summer Program is experiential by design, so your child will be outdoors, much of each day- sometimes rain or shine. Your child should come dressed for variable weather and for art activities, both of which can be engagingly messy. We will explore ponds and streams, and traverse the undulating terrains of our woodlands and fields. If you have any questions regarding the ability of your child to fully participate in our activities, please contact the Summer Program Director at prior to registration.


The ART+NATURE team is comprised of current Sparhawk staff and alumni as well as local community specialists with diverse backgrounds in the arts & education. The health and safety of your child is of the utmost importance, and therefore each staff member is required to pass a CORI, and must have a valid first aid and CPR license.


Advanced registration is required. The deadline for registration, payments & waivers is May 19th. Registration may be available after this date, please contact the ART+NATURE program for availability. All payments and waivers must be received prior to participation.


The one time $30 registration fee as well as the $50 deposit per session are non-refundable. Theses fees cannot be transferred to another program, attendee or friend. Please plan your summer sessions carefully as there are no refunds given for participant dismissal, absence, sickness or failure to attend the session. If for some reason a camp session is cancelled you will receive a full refund. Should you need to cancel a session on or before May 19th, you will receive a refund of all except the deposit and registration fees. If you cancel after May 19th, there is no refund available for the day program.