The Art+Nature Summer Program is designed for students ages 5-10 years old who love building, creating, exploring and having a messy good time. Each week your child will be immersed in a theme, with new art and nature focused projects. Learning adventures take place on the beautiful grounds and in classrooms at our Lower campus as well as in the natural classrooms in nearby communities. The Art+Nature staff is comprised of Sparhawk School staff and alumni as well as art and nature specialists from our extended community.

Monday - Friday | 8:30 AM- 3:30 PM

Program is for students aged 5-10 years old - Some 4 year olds accepted, please call Jen 978-517-7126

Tuition: $325 per week, with a one time registration fee of $30.

Week 1 : July 9-13 | Under The Big Top

No clowning around, this is one of our favorite weeks at camp! Learn the ins and outs of being a pint sized circus performer.


  • Basic tumbling, juggling, and walking on stilts
  • Creating clown costumes and clown cars
  • Making a big top tent
  • Painting circus posters
  • Creating carnival games and sideshow acts
  • Dressing up and acting like circus animals
  • Making (and eating) cotton candy
  • Balloon painting
  • Face painting
  • Calder wire sculptures

Week 2: July 16-20 | Camp Magic for Wizards and Witches

This is summer camp for Hogwarts students. Practice your magic skills while having fun! Learn how to fly on a broom and to play quidditch. Experiment brewing your own potions and make your own tinctures and oils using “magical” herbs.


  • Make your own wand
  • Learn about mythical creatures
  • Create mythical creatures using recycled materials
  • Brew potions
  • Learn basic divination techniques
  • Make tinctures and oils using “magical” herbs
  • Play quidditch
  • Flying broom lessons and obstacle courses
  • Make it through a maze

Week 3: July 23-27 | Where They Live, What They Eat

Explore the world from the unique perspectives of animals. Why do some animals hibernate while others don’t? What is camouflage and how to animals use it? How do animals adapt to their environment? Each day, we will explore a different ecosystem and the wonderful creatures that live there.


  • Discover what makes an ecosystem
  • Animal charades
  • Play monkey tag or catch a snake’s tail
  • Create animal sculptures out of sticks, “play mud,” and other items found in nature
  • Make bird puppets
  • Make animal origami
  • Animal yoga
  • Practice your own camouflage
  • Create human-sized animal homes
  • Safari animal scavenger hunt
  • Explore different ecosystems: desert, ocean, rainforest, mountain, grasslands, etc.
  • Play bird bingo

Week 4: July 30-August 3 | Super Spy Week

Have you every wondered what it would be like to be a spy? Spend a week sharpening your super sleuth skills while solving mysteries and puzzles. Create your own spy kit. Learn the art of camouflage and disguises. By the end of the week, you will have created your very own super spy kit to take home.


  • Create your own super sleuth kit
  • How to create disguises
  • How to find fingerprints
  • Learn how to use cyphers and codes
  • Make invisible ink
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Solve different mysteries
  • Survive the laser maze
  • Activities using black lights

Week 5: August 6-10 | Roughing It! Survival Week

Do you know what to do if you get lost in the woods? Spend a week learning basic survival skills such as building different types of shelters, starting a fire without using matches, finding and purifying water, avoiding dangerous animals, and much more.


  • Learn how to build different types of shelters
  • Learn how to build a fire without using matches
  • Explore using basic orienteering
  • Learn how to find water and to make it safe
  • Learn how to identify local plants
  • How to signal for help
  • Avoiding dangerous animals and pesky insects
  • Dealing with extreme weather
  • Basic first aid
  • What should go in your survival kit

Week 6: August 13-17 | Superhero Academy

Spend a week learning the skills needed to be a superhero. Create your own secret identity and superhero costume. Star in your own comic book. Become a member of a superhero team like The Avengers or Justice League. Train with the superhero workout and obstacle course.


  • Create your own superhero costume
  • Create a secret identity
  • Build and knockdown shoebox buildings
  • Build a sticky spider web and have some spidey target practice
  • Melt ice with laser vision to rescue your favorite superhero
  • Created your own superhero comic book
  • Make kryptonite candy (just keep it away form Superman)
  • Create flying superhero picture using green screen
  • Learn team building skills and be like the Avengers or Justice League
  • Superhero workout and obstacle course