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Thank you for your interest in Sparhawk School, an extraordinary place where your child can grow up with confidence, in a student-centered environment.

Sparhawk School is an independent, progressive school that is intentionally small. We value the connections we make in our community and the impact that each student and family can make on our program. Our experiential, project-based curriculum is the foundation for our PK-12 curriculum. At our lower school, our mission is to foster a love of learning. At our middle school, our mission is to apply that love of learning. In the high school, that love of learning will be engaged and solidified.

In applying to Sparhawk, you are choosing to belong in a community where who you are as an individual is honored and celebrated. Sparhawk teachers understand that their students deserve to be inspired and respected. They recognize that their students are more likely to flourish in a nurturing environment focused on progress and student development. Our school cares deeply about keeping critical and creative thinking at the center of all that we do and that truly innovative thinkers are those who have been allowed the opportunity to question and experience, and to be supported in those endeavors.

We are excited to begin this journey with you.

~Kaitlyn MacDonald

Assistant Headmaster & Admissions Director