The Sparhawk Tuition Promise

The Sparhawk Tuition Promise Program*, is a loyalty program that gives you an opportunity to qualify for a reduced and predictable tuition schedule for all the future years of your enrollment at Sparhawk School. We know that planning for the future is a priority, therefore we are implementing this program to provide greater security and tuition predictability for our families.

Sparhawk Tuition Promise Program details: 

If you re-enroll your currently enrolled child by February 15, 2021, meaning return a signed 2021-2022 Policies and Fees Contract and first payment, you will pay 2020-2021 tuition pricing for your child’s 2021-2022 grade.

As a continued example, if you re-enroll the following year by February 15, 2022, you will still remain on the 2020-2021 pricing schedule and so forth for all the future years that your child is re-enrolled by February 15th each year. 

If you continue to re-enroll by February 15th each successive year, the tuition you pay for the upcoming year will remain at 2020-2021 grade-level prices for your child’s new grade, as defined by the 2020-2021 tuition schedule.

As always, you will still make your own year-to-year re-enrollment decisions; however, in order to remain in the Sparhawk Tuition Promise program, re- enrollment must be completed by the February 15th date each year. There will be no exceptions to the February re-enrollment deadline, since the benefit to the school is timely re-enrollment that allows for thoughtful planning. 

If you miss the deadline, you will be eligible to re-enter the Sparhawk Tuition Promise Program, but at that year's publicly offered tuition schedule. That year’s tuition schedule will become the new base-tuition schedule as long as the following February 15th re-enrollment deadlines are met.