Sparhawk students are willing to learn.

Courageous in the face of unknowns, they are willing to ask questions and persevere until understanding comes.

Sparhawk students respect themselves enough to do their best, or hold that as a goal.

They understand their abilities, optimize their strengths and excel, and through diligence, they cultivate success in other areas of importance.

Success leads to confidence and confidence is a feeling that endows happiness.

Sparhawk students treat peers and adults with the kindliness they deserve.

They look for and lovingly support one another's virtues and have patience with one another's growth.

Sparhawk students count their blessings, realizing and celebrating the riches we have.







Louise Stilphen | Head of School & Founder





Respect for children and trust in their inherent enthusiasm for learning are central to the design of Sparhawk School's educational processes and objectives. Our purpose is to provide a foundation of academic strength, to facilitate critical and creative thinking and to nurture qualities of character in our students that will sustain them throughout their lifetimes, whatever challenges and adventures may come.