About Us

Sparhawk School is an inclusive, experiential & progressive day school serving students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.  We have two beautiful campuses, an elementary school and a middle & high school, located in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Sparhawk students come from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and our homestay students represent a variety of countries worldwide. Founded in 1994, Sparhawk fosters an environment where students are inspired to ask big questions, where students are encouraged to delve deeply into their curriculum, where students are given the space to be children and explore their world.

For many families, the Sparhawk journey begins in our Pre-K and Kindergarten Program. Our spacious indoor and outdoor classrooms are full of materials that invite creativity and exploration. Nature-based and play-focused, this program grows life-long confident learners. Sparhawk Elementary School offers a progressive approach to education. Collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, critical thinking and problem-solving, are the core tenants of the Sparhawk approach. Our curriculum is inspired by Massachusetts frameworks, but uniquely its own. Our educators are dedicated professionals who take seriously the challenge of shaping young minds.


The Sparhawk Middle School honors the challenging and exciting transition from childhood to adolescence. Our teachers foster community through on and off campus experiences and through inquiry-based problem solving activities. They spend an equal amount of time building academic rigor and social-emotional wellness. Using mindfulness practice, experiential education, and the socratic method, the Middle School program is dedicated to the cultivation of happy, curious, and balanced students.


Sparhawk High School melds a rigorous college-prep program with attention to the individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses of each student. We are able to provide a nurturing environment where student choice is respected without sacrificing high academic standards. Our engaging curriculum challenges students both in knowledge of content and in the development of their core competencies. Project-based learning and small, socratic-based classes offer the space to go beyond the textbook and focus our classrooms on inquiry and demonstration. Students travel the world and the country building an understanding that learning does not end at the end of the day and that a classroom experience can be found anywhere, whether that be on campus, a film set in Los Angeles, a mountain in Peru, a shelter in Maine's winter woods.


Welcome to Sparhawk School. Your journey begins today!