High School

Online Class Schedule

Sparhawk students will be able to access their individual schedule online on September 9th. They will refer to that schedule for their own classes. 

Students will be grouped into pods by grade level. This will allow us to reduce exposure to larger numbers of students when we are able to return to in-person learning. 

Pods are divided as follows:

Pod #1 - Grades 5-7 (Middle School Students)

Pod #2 - Grades 8 & 9

Pod #3 - Grades 10-12

Each pod follows a slightly different schedule as shown below particularly around lunch and seminar classes. In order to minimize transition, the online schedule will be very similar to the one we will follow when we are able to return to the school building.

You will note that classes are held every other day for a 90-minute block. Each class will be segmented up with different types of teaching and learning (e.g. reading, discussion, group work) happening during each segment. Students will have time to work on practicing skills during these blocks and there will be very limited homework during online learning. Exceptions are practicing math skills using IXL and practicing vocabulary in world language classes. However, students will be held accountable for the work they do during class and on assessments and demonstrations of learning. If a student is not on task or able to be productive during class time, the teacher may give students a chance to work on and pass in work the next day.

Class Meetings 

Meetings will take place via Google Meet. Students are expected to follow rules of Netiquette and the Sparhawk Credo.  


The following supply lists are segmented into three groups. The Environmental and Tech  Supplies list has all of the supplies that a student will need to create a successful distance workspace as well as the technology that will transition to in-person classes. The second is a list of general school supplies. The third is a list of art supplies that students who take art classes will need. 


We have streamlined our communication systems. Parents, students and teachers will now access their portal from the Sparhawk Website. When you login, you can access all pertinent school information from there. Your login will be emailed to you the week before school begins. 

Your portal will include:

  • a feed of the latest emails sent to parents 

  • pertinent forms

  • the school calendar

  • link to the PlusPortals for assignments and grades 

  • Google Classroom

Communication Streams

From Teacher to Parents: will come through email & Teacher Website/Portal

From Parents to Teachers: Email 

From Teachers to Students: Google Classroom & Email

From Students to Teachers: Google Classroom & Email