Health Measures and Protocols

The Following Health Measure Protocols are intended to create a safe and healthy environment for our school to reopen in compliance with State and Accreditation/Licensing body guidelines that are in place due to COVID-19. Although this is a different picture of life on campus than we are accustomed to, these measures will support our goal of remaining open as much as possible in the coming school year. It is our hope that this time of COVID-19 will offer us an opportunity to come together and unify us as a school community to meet this challenge together. We will need to actively work together and consciously practice the values that we hold dearly and strive to imbue to our students: patience, compassion, and a mutual understanding of respect. We are striving for a collective aim to uphold all measures and protocols at all times. While subject to revision as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves and more scientific evidence becomes available, these requirements will serve as an initial planning blueprint for the in-person return of students and staff this fall.