Elementary School PreK-4

PreK-4 MODE: In-Person & On-Campus


To-Do For all Families

  1. Request student email credentials from your campus director.
  2. Sign in to your student's @sparhawkschool.com account at Google.com. 
  3. Change the password at first login. 
  4. Make Chrome the default browser on your student's device.
  5. Log into and Sync Chrome using the student's @sparhawkschool.com account.
    Step 1:  Open Chrome and find the person icon on the VERY top right.
    Step 2:  Click the icon to bring up a menu and click the option “Sign in to Chrome”.  
    Step 3:  Enter the login credentials of the student account. This will take you to a final menu where you must click the “Link Data” button.  
    Step 4: Click OK through all the following menus and your sync will be set and ready to go.  

Please select your child's grade below for specific details relating to their current school mode and supplies.


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