High School

Sparhawk students are academics, artists, engineers and scientists who are empowered to become visionaries and leaders.  Our curriculum & experiential Project Based Learning program,  are designed to teach you the necessary skills to tackle 21st century challenges.  

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Middle School

Sparhawk students become scientists, explorers, artists and leaders. Your child will explore the world and become passionate about issues both in and outside the classroom. Sparhawk students are empowered to dream big, building and creating in our academically and artistically rich environment.  

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Elementary School

You are raising a dreamer, builder, future visionary & leader.  Our experiential model of teaching empowers children to dream big, question & create.  Sparhawk students become good global citizens, one authentic experience at a time.  

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where can sparhawk take you

Built into the Sparhawk High School curriculum is a month long immersion experience called Winterim. Sparhawk students become worldly learners and good global citizens through these authentic experiences and travel. Where can Sparhawk take you?


Average students per class


Students who attend one of their

top 3 colleges of choice




Outdoor Trip Destinations


Winterim trip options yearly


Years on the north shore


Of Community Service Hours


Students who identify as humans of color

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