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Sparhawk School is an inclusive PreK-12th grade day school with two beautiful campuses in Amesbury, MA. At Sparhawk, students are able to be themselves fully, experience hands-on learning in an intellectually rigorous environment, and receive academic and social/emotional support in an environment that values individuality and whole-child education.



Respect for children and trust in their inherent enthusiasm for learning are central to the design of Sparhawk School's educational processes and objectives. Our purpose is to provide a foundation of academic strength, to facilitate critical and creative thinking and to nurture qualities of character in our students that will sustain them throughout their lifetimes, whatever challenges and adventures may come.

Elementary School

You are raising a dreamer, builder, future visionary & leader.  Our experiential model of teaching empowers children to dream big, question & create.  Sparhawk students become good global citizens, one authentic experience at a time.  

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Middle School

Sparhawk students become scientists, explorers, artists and leaders. Your child will explore the world and become passionate about issues both in and outside the classroom. Sparhawk students are empowered to dream big, building and creating in our academically and artistically rich environment.  

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High School

Sparhawk students are academics, artists, engineers and scientists who are empowered to become visionaries and leaders.  Our curriculum & experiential Project Based Learning program,  are designed to teach you the necessary skills to tackle 21st century challenges.  

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Sparhawk School is a Fully Accredited Academic Institution.

Sparhawk School is fully accredited from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

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Sparhawk High School is committed to providing all students with challenging and engaging academic experiences. Our courses are designed to be rigorous and promote high-level thinking skills and learning dispositions, and our overall program is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)



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Hear Directly From Our Families

We have served hundreds of happy families over the last 27 years. Below are reviews from current and past Sparhawk families and students. 

We absolutely love everything about Sparhawk from the creativity, school environment, kindness, and the most importantly ... the education! Each teacher is invested and fully supports the mission. Our children are thriving here and we could not be happier.

Melissa Hall, Parent

My son went from merely existing in his previous school to actively participating in a thinking, expressive culture. I am so proud as i watch the transformation of my son.

Gail Hedberg, Parent

What can I say? A school after my own heart! Where children laugh, learn, and play! Where children learn about community, world citizenship, and the art of being human!

Anya Arsevan, parent

Awesome learning environment for my 5th grader! He went from a large school with some bullying issues to this small, loving community where learning is much more of an exploration and experience than fitting round pegs into round holes and checking off basic rote milestones of the industrial/educational model. He went from saying he hated school to saying he likes school. That's huge!

Sam Kimball, parent

Regarding the difference between test-driven schools and Sparhawk:

If a test is the only thing you have to do, you don't need a teacher, you just need a book.

~ Junxi (Jimmy) WEI, Student