Did you know that your daily Dunkin' or Starbucks stop can benefit Sparhawk School? You can purchase all of your gift cards online, and a portion of each purchase goes to Sparhawk School PTO. True story. In just a few short steps you can register with Script, simply and easily. What kind of cards can you buy? Check out a list here (psst, target is on there, too!).

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Questions? You can email Sparhawk parent, Kitten Panthera, by clicking here.

The Sparhawk School PTO is onto something GOOD! The PTO is made up of Sparhawk parents, teachers and faculty who are looking to support the Sparhawk community in a bigger way. We operate on a volunteer basis, and we would love to welcome new members!

PTO President: Heidi Tessmer

Sparhawk PTO | FAQ

Sparhawk PTO frequently asked questions:

  • Is this a non-profit? Yes! Sparhawk PTO is a non-profit and therefore we are able to fundraise and accept donations to improve Sparhawk School.
  • When are meetings? Meetings are typically once a month and are listed on the PTO calendar on this page. They last about an hour and cover important new info and updates.
  • I'd like to come to a meeting, but I have my child with me. Not a problem, when the meetings are scheduled for 3:30, please utilize the aftercare at Sparhawk for free on that day.
  • Do I have to volunteer alot of hours? No! We respect that our parents and staff are busy humans. Some people are able to give more time, and some less. There are many different ways that you can be involved with a variety of time commitments. Meetings typically are an hour, and you DO NOT have to come to a meeting to donate your time.
  • I want to volunteer, but I don't know how to be useful. Everyone has a special skill that can be useful in some way. Here are some examples:
    • Artistic? Consider helping us make signs, design t-shirts, create artwork for a fundraiser.
    • Sales and marketing? Consider handing out brochures, spreading the word about events via social marketing or putting up posters, communicate with parents about events. Sell t-shirts at events.
    • Good cook? Help with the teacher appreciation lunch or spearheading the potluck dinner nights.
    • Tech savvy? How about creating the online sign-up sheets for events?
    • People person? Volunteer to talk to parents about upcoming events during pick-up or at events.
  • Is the Sparhawk PTO a part of Sparhawk? No, we are a seperate entity and we do not make governing decisions about Sparhawk School.
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