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LEAP - The Eighth Grade Readiness Program at Sparhawk School
LEAP - A Parent's Perspective

A big congratulations on initiating the LEAP program this year.  It is one of the smartest, most effective and most supportive educational programs I have ever seen.  I love the way the kids are protected and nurtured, while at the same time slowly exposed to high school life.  It will make a full transition to high school so much easier, and ensure they have the tools to handle more aggressive work.  Grace has often told me she wishes she had a leap program and had a chance to ease into things like public speaking. 

I was struck last night by the way the celebration focused on each child equally and individually, no one valued more or less. The kids functioned not only as a unit, but also as strong individuals ready to take the next step.

As Grace is joyously planting at Arrowhead farms and Ella is excitedly rehearsing for Hello Dolly, I want to say unequivocally that we could not be happier with the girls experience at Sparhawk.

~Deirdre Girard

Mother of two Sparhawk Students 

Learn | Explore | Achieve | Participate


1. To set goals and priorities
2. To develop time management skills
3. To acquire study skills
4. To ready oneself for the rigors of high school and beyond


1. Strengths and weaknesses
2. Self-advocacy skills
3. Social connections
4. Community involvement 


1. Academic goals
2. Community involvement
3. Strong work ethic
4. Positive attitude
5. Critical and creative thinking skills 


1. Socratic seminars
2. Extra-curricular offerings
3. Adventures
4. Academic challenge 

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